Back to the grind!

Today was a wonderful first day back from vacation. We had a mid year review of classroom and grade level expectations, went over a few new routines, and worked extremely hard. In math we are wrapping up our unit on adding and subtracting fractions, which will be followed up by multiplying fractions. We will continue to integrate visual and spatial learning of math through ST Math (in class and at home) as another means of promoting ownership of the concepts.

In reading, students are focusing on fictional comprehension skills. The skill focus for this week is to determine the theme of a text by providing evidence directly from the text. We will also be starting a new core book, “Number The Stars” by Lois Lowry. We have added a new element to nightly reading homework. Students will be required to write a quick 3-5 sentences about what they have read that night. I also have given the students a choice board for their vocabulary words. Instead of assigning a specific task such as writing sentences, students should pick three of the activities on the choice board a week. The vocabulary choice board assignments are due by Friday. I asked students not to do all three choices on one day, that way they can access the words throughout the week at home, as well as in class.

This week in social studies, students are focusing on comparing an early New England Colony to an early Middle Colony.  I will be assigning a map project for the students to work on at home. I will be asking them to have you sign the project directions sheet to make sure that they shared the information with you.


Have a fantastic day,

Mr. R